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"ok lets do this .... do u have yahoo messenger or aim? if you do my mgr will work everythging out with you his yahoo is HONORMANAGEMENT and his aim is IRONSHIEK7000 now im saying this up front before we get started i need the full payemnt and the music upfront for the simple fact cause the last time i did this with someone from europe they didnt pay me and i went to the studio and did the work for this dude named cop killa (note: contained a link to his blog which doesn't work anymore) so thats why i require the money upfront and i will have the song back to you in 48hrs (2 days) with vocals seperated and everything you need let me know if that is ok and trust me brother i will not cheat you in the name of allah!!!!!!!!!"

There it is. You fucking Eurofags need to stop messin' wit da gawds.
When he receives cash and instrumental upfront, there ain't no excuse.. fuck that! I ain't fronting tho', i ain't the one who got ripped off, just pointing shit out.

lol "you eurofags"?? come on man....You think that weak shit, is gonna wind me up?
ive been called harsher shit than that, step your game up next time..
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