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Originally Posted by THE GENIUS View Post
Wu Corp is mad cause Europeans don't think Alchemist is the GOAT
Hahaha!! It is the truth tho', ain't no denying that!

Originally Posted by beautifulrock View Post
Don't misunderstand, I've been calling eurofags eurofags for a long time due to your homoerotic male bonding displays and your insistence that soccer is a sport and not an exercise in crotch grabbing when the players think nobody is looking. Whenever Wu-Tang has beef, a Eurofag is always the second gunman on the grassy knoll, settin off shit in secret. Eurofags convinced U-God to sue RZA for wages owed on an album that made no money. And a Eurofag sold ODB the dope that killed him. Tru dat. It has nothing to do with you specifically. I am not trying to set you off. I don't even know you.
Why even bother? You won't be able to set me off, let's make that clear now. I couldn't give a flying fuck about how & what you think of me. I wanna thank you for your post tho', atleast you tried right?, just like special olympics... and i was amused for a couple of mins! Hilarious almost! vivid imagination is healthy, in small doses.
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