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Default 11.6 covers 9.11

...back from the cover-up, who guzzled the sucka' punch
11.6 covered 9.11...buckle up
yeah, I'm over the head, not a halo, move slow and ya' dead
skin that acid and lye [soap] easily shed
my natural flow over boiling water
hunched on a surf board, waves imported from nautica
stayed putting the words together, literary gala
any amateur couldn't gather
it's still lead showers outside, blood you get lathered in
keep irons to sling in this gridiron labyrinth
the irony is, pilgrims now eat up real estate
in the middle of, they safe but not a nigga's safe
still rappin' 'bout warring for the prime real estate
drugs and body bags all over radio waves
suh'm to laugh about, like how niggas' asses out
twin did that to them, he's a faggoty bastid now
i ain't messing with dude, gods on his ass, no doubt
y'all don't wanna' sip on truth, should let y'all asses drown...
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