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ChristO crouching tiger

is u ready or not for any code I impart
body froze in antarctica if cold in the heart
I been dealing with jokers, the aces is mobile
the queens looking for cream, any kingpin on the low though
the radio and serius xm can't be serious
my ears are just trying to evolve ways to filter shit
outside is infamous, click-clack the symphony
set back your infantry to how the infants be
shittin' on theyselves, crawling on all fours
while talking gibberish, soil up y'all floors
how I seen organ chunks and bone fragment lumps
when the orders came down to dead those faggot chumps
I didn't feel remorse, the cost though was the sum
not to some, but all that we work hard for undone
communities corroded, the pulse of post-mortem
all over that novus ordo seclorum courtship
bugged out, troops boarding the starship, getting high
most breaking they necks, check-to-check, just getting by..
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