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Originally Posted by THE W View Post
i'll respond to the first point on jesus' death for the forgiveness of sin

he doesnt have to repeat something 50 times for it be truth. when he says that his blood is the new covenant poured out for you it cant mean anything else but crucifixion added on top that him saying my body given for you.

you should check out the link i provided for FMJ on the 3 days 3nights thing. it explains this a whole lot better than i do.

jesus dying on the cross for our sins has been fortold since the old testament books.

thinking this shouldnt have happened because its cruel or unnecessary is to oppose the sovereignty of God the father.

as far as your other points and on the point above as well, they're all base on your personal world view. you can have that view if you wish and trying to change it was never in any way my intention.

i dont try to inject my world view into the scriptures. i only do exgesis as this is the only way scripture is to be understood. none of the views you present are in conjunction with sound exegesis of scriptural testimony and i dont think care for them to be as you seek to put God and his word under your judgement.

with that understanding there's isnt really anything left for us to discuss. CHRISTianity isnt for you.
u keep on making these massive assumptions. yes him dying on a cross is connected to a new covenant. but ur immediately jumping to the conclusion that hes doing it to get rid of our sin.

but it has been shown before that jesus could just forgive sins with a few words with gods permission. so a sacrafice is completely unnecessary. and a perfect god cant change his mind and say that at one moment a few words are necessary for sins to be forgiven and then the next minute a whole big sacrifice is needed. a perfect god cant change from one state to another because one of the states will be less perfect/good than the other which would imply god is going from a more perfect state to less perfect state or vice versa.

god never foretold that our sins would be forgiven with a sacrifice. he says our sins will be completely forgiven or else he compares jesus' death to a sacrifice but he never says our sins are forgiven because jesus died.

this is an errorenous judgement. the shift from christianity as an experience of the kingdom of heaven to a faith (i dont think kingdom of heaven is even mentioned in the bible after the gospels) as taught by paul also isnt good.

u say u live by the scripture but what if the disciples made mistakes (which they have)

christianity died when jesus died.

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