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Originally Posted by DANNY WINTERS View Post
CharlesJones, your candid, heartfelt holiday wishes truly warmed the innermost regions of my soul.

Within these digital walls of this virtual community we call wu-corp, one is often forced to sacrifice some kind of emotional tenderness and fragility, that while on the surface may be described as "weakness", actually help us define our very human essence.

I am no different. I am far from the kindest, most tolerant, warm-hearted or sensitive postmaker. And for most of the wu-corp solar calendar, I feel a sense of admittedly perverse pride for embracing these base, borderline antisocial character traits that indeed contribute to my elevated mid-90's rap group message board status and yet simultaneously erode the very core of what makes up my soul.

And yet, in this sea of cyber humanity, with my defense mechanisms fast in place and always ready to strike first, I rarely feel any sort of bond or connection with my fellow poster. I'm quick to label all with my familiar refrain of faggot-this and faggot-that, and perhaps with good reason.

And 99.9% of the time, I am fine with my reality. But every now and then, CharlesJones, against all odds and reason, your touching prose manages to break through my self-made wall and reach the inner sanctum of my soul, reminding me of what it truly means to be alive on the internet.

Though your words may sometimes seem naive, at their very core they compose a vivid, complex tapestry, woven of pain, fear, pleasure, yearning, and above all, a heart-rending sense of hopefulness that, contrary to the wu-corp-grafted definition of success, truly embody all that it is to be alive.

No man, via on-line or in-person, has ever truly touched me the way you have, CharlesJones. If only occasionally, and for but a fleeting second, you make realize how beautiful and wondrous this life can be.

Your posts remind me what it is to truly..."feel", and for that CharlesJones, I am eternally thankful.

Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and yours as well CharlesJones.

I love you.
lol but CJ actuslly reminds me of prince myshkin a lot

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