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Originally Posted by muscularghandi View Post
Right now...

Ghost is still performing at an ELITE level.

Method Man has lost his grit a bit but he's still a good MC.

Raekwon has worked harder in the past 5 years than any Wu-MC since the mid-90's (except maybe GFK).

Inspectah Deck is still Deck, he can carry a song at times as long as he didn't choose the beat.

IMO U-God is as good as he's ever been. It'd be in the Clan's best interest to use more of him in this next Clan project.

Same can be said for Cappadonna, ride him if he's hot.

The past 5 Masta Killa verses i've heard all have nice energy for a dude with such a laid back flow. Use Arief like Cap and Uey, this could really be the LP generals who have been playing the back seat for a while.

now we get to some of the question marks...

GZA sounds absolutely asleep something about his new delivery is just completely off putting...

RZA has had MC'ing towards the bottom of his "to-do list" for the past decade, now he has even more ahead of it... not to mention the fact that production isn't even a focal point anymore? The abbot is still good for a nice verse or a nice beat every once in a while but he's now at the point where he has 4-5 good verses a year.

Now to the biggest issue... Will RZA feel the need to throw Boy Jones around on this album? The kid is just awful and if he's a part of this album it will just kill all the songs he's featured on. I understand that he wants ODB's kid to be around as a tribute to Dirty but I'm pretty sure most fans feel insulted when they hear Boy Jones.

Overall this could be good but I don't see being any better than Iron Flag or The W. If it can be better 8 Diagrams I'll be very excited... that's about my expectations.

ALSO: I'd love to hear a lot of Killah Priest on this. He's a dude that should have been with the Clan since the beginning IMO and any time he's with the Generals it's amazing, he really is the only Killah Bee on the same level as them.
Such an accurate post.

Heck, I'm dreaming, but I'd love to see Scotty The Jackpot Watt here!
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