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Originally Posted by My First Timbs View Post
His point was, even if we assume that the big bang and
all of that did occurr... and that evolution did indeed occur etc etc,,
there still has to be some "force" that governs or is in control of the
natural laws of our universe.
i thought this was the most important part of your post.

it is a good question about why are there natural laws in our universe.

well i dont believe there are natural laws in our universe because if u look at things at a sub atomic level a lot of the laws dont apply. so theyre not really universal laws and a "force" is therefore not needed to govern them.

but are these "universal laws" not just rules of thumb with incredibly high probabilites of happening (because theyre not really universal laws).

therefore i dont think we should look at the universe in terms of a place containing and obeying different rules but rather we should look at each and every situation in terms of probability.

the question will then be "why are certain statements more probable than others?"

this is a difficult question and seems to suggest that a certain "force" is making certain rules more probable.

well I think that there is a Force or Will or Consciousness on a certain level which causes all bodies on that level to perceive things happening on that level of the universe in relation to these laws. laws such as gravity.

call this Force/Will/Consciousness whatever you want but i think it exists.

I also believe that everything in the Universe is subjective
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