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Food For Thought, i love your disses about me. Keep em coming LOL. Your ignorant comments don't bother me. So i could care less about you dissing me. I've been dissed worse by black men. I don't have a problem with being a janitor because somebody gotta do that work and it's better than having a factory job, warehouse job, delivery truck driver, construction job. I've worked several factory jobs and factory work is the worst job because of the hard work and low pay especially if you're a temp worker. If you're a full time worker at a factory, you probably get paid more. Only problem i have with being a janitor is cleaning toilets because sometimes people leave shit in the toilets and don't flush. Flush the god damn toilet LOL. I've even seen a homeless black guy take a shit in a toilet stall when i was a janitor at a grocery store. I was so upset about that and i left that shit in the toilet LOL.

Fuck black women and i don't care if they don't wanna be with me because of my job profession and the kind of car i have. Stuck up, attitude, golddigging bitches. My dad's bitch ass yesterday talking about he heard me talking on the phone to my aunt last week about black women and he said i was generalizing them saying that most of them ain't shit. He said have you ever thought about the reason you aren't getting them is because of you. He said you refuse to wear different clothes and you always wearing a big t-shirt, baggy jeans and sneakers. He said your conversation is weak because you only talk about basketball and football and movies and music. He said you don't go to clubs to meet them. I told him i'm not changing who iam to get black women to like me. If they don't give me a chance to get to know me, then that's their problem.

Fuck em and i don't think dating white women is the answer because white women got issues too. I've heard black men say that white women are better than black women and i don't agree because just because white women speak to black men when they speak to them but that doesn't make them better than black women. I've met white women that are assholes. I dated one white woman who let me spend the night over her house twice but that's one white woman outta the 10 white women i've met that are assholes.
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