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i think all that rap beef started with the dirty dozens

i thought this paragraph was interesting

The game is also considered a tool for preparing African Americans for coping with verbal abuse and not becoming enraged. The ability to remain composed during the Dozens is a hallmark of virtue among many African Americans. Two sociologists write, "In the deepest sense, the essence of the dozens lies not in the insults but in the response of the victim. To take umbrage is to be considered an infantile response. Maturity and sophistication bring the capability to suffer the vile talk with aplomb at least, and, hopefully, with grace and wit." Opposing this theory is the reality that many contests end in fights.[1] Roger Abrahams states that when African Americans reach a certain age, between 16 and 26, the game loses much of its appeal and attempts to enter into sparring contests often result in violence.[2] John Leland writes that the loser of the Dozens is the one who takes his opponent's words at face value, therefore ending his own performance in the back-and-forth exchange.[9]
i guess rappers take beef far too seriously.

basicly if u have some real beef which is bothering you with another rapper then u should bring it up with him and not diss him on a song.

dissing on a song should be for jokes or as anons say "teh lulz"

as for not speaking proper english and going to prison etc i think its basicly a case of people prefer to underachieve because if you underachieve you can say that you had the potential to be great but this thing or that thing stopped you.

if someone actually tries to achieve his goals then he might be worried he wont achieve them and that people will laugh at him.

and its ignorant to break the rules of grammar without understanding them.

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