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Originally Posted by TSA View Post
Charles Jones as funny and entertaining as you accidentally are you're still a janitor that pays money to put prostitutes feet in his mouth. You accidentally started a good conversation but i think it would be best if you stay out cause you're going to turn it into a discussion about black female icons from 1993.

idk why blacks keep OFFING each other. I have noticed their culture is anti correctional measure. You can't tell anyone shit about anything because it's none of your business, but you still have to live around this obnoxious faggot and deal with his noise and property devaluing antics. Everything is good to go and negative criticism is the #1 taboo. So you get motherfuckers that get kudos for some straight retard shit like visiting their kid 1 day a week, but you can never say hey, how come you dont see your kids 6 days a week?

UNLESS you're doing some proactive shit, then everyone is going to hammer in on you.
im not sure why either. a lot of afro americans pull the race card a lot. they blame things on the "white man".

they dont want to accept responsibility basicly
Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
I don't fuck prostitutes. I massage and kiss their feet and they kiss my chest to make me cum.

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