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Originally Posted by TSA View Post
It's a 'half assed syndrome'. We're going through it in africa as well.
black americans don't, until recently, feel like a 'part' of mainstream america, but they're in it so they live in between two value worlds. having shitty american values and having shitty black values and being a half assed version of both.

for instance like i said earlier though they still have a communal mentality and culture, the white american influence of 'everyone's an island' make it impossible to act as a community. You can't tell someone to stop doing something or intervene to help them because it's 'none of your business' and that's going to offend that person which historically wasn't the case with african americans. BUT unlike whites who can just get away from the faggots they don't like, blacks are stuck with other blacks despite them being intolerable and adverse to correction so your stuck with a bunch of obnoxious mother fuckers that piss you off and can't do anything about it other than flee your community or attack them when it gets out of hand.

In africa the problem with development is africans want to keep their culture and gain western culture at the same time so now they're half ass africans and half ass westerners. For instance there are people that want their daughter to go to college, but be married and have kids by the age of 22 and not out achieve her husband. Creates a situation where you have to just pick a side a go but it's easier said than done.

black americans like their past culture and appreciate it, but it makes no sense to the reality of today, same with africa.
maybe people should analyse past empires because they had to deal with different cultures mixing together(except if u take the attitude of the british empire LOL).

especially the roman empire. it was extremely multicultural. they gave everyone a shared identity and everyone worshipped eachothers gods. they hated jews and christians because they wouldnt worship other peoples gods and jews wouldnt mix with gentiles.

on the other hand the whole religion of judaism discourages them from mixing with other people(gentiles) and jews outlasted the Roman Empire.

but most groups in the world will mix together.

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