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Originally Posted by TSA View Post
eh kinda. white people overestimate their relevance because it's hard for them to see a world where they don't exist or matter.
I've heard people say africans shouldn't blame their problems on colonialism. When discussing their problems, african nnneeeeeevverrrrr bring up colonialism unless they have had extensive contact with white people (Diasporas). This is because blacks with extensive contact with white people and africans have a eurocentric mentality like whites and have to see what role the white hand played in all situations because in the eurocentric view nothing happens unless white people made it happen directly or indirectly.

most black people with an afrocentric (the world gets abused a lot, but simply means you view things from an african point of view) will cite other black people as 'the problem'. This includes black people that live in primarily black community. I will say the majority of blacks aren't poor, they're usually working to middle class but even then they live in working to middle class communities.

You can list america's housing projects on 1 sheet of paper. Assuming they all house 3000 families that's still a very insignficant % of the black population.

middle class blacks still live in black middle to working class establishments or in very racially mixed communities. The ones that are going to yarn balls about white people are the ones that are middle to upper class, and the most racist are usually rich black people. Poor people don't have the time to start thinking about King tut and marcus garvey and have to deal with other poor people being obnoxious in their communities that are absent of white people.

so it's not really a defense mechanism it's just that being a white guy in europe, 9 times out of 10 your going to be dealing with a well to do black american if you're dealing with one that doesn't have to deal with other black people pissing him off regularly like poor blacks do, so he's going to see things from an accidentally eurocentric view.
thats interesting about "an accidental eurocentric view". i guess supremists like farrakhan have a "supreme" accidental eurocentric view which is why they start from a eurocentric starting point e.g. using the bible, using white peoples history, using a number system they learnt from white people to create the supreme numerical system etc

but surely people who educate themselves will not see the world in a eurocentric or afrocentric view but will be able to analyse things from an objective position.

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