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Originally Posted by I FUCKED YO BITCH! View Post
lyrically you know it'll be on point.

Exactly. I'm not understanding this pessimistic attitude cats are coppin. Unless they dislike the Ox solos. But in that case, why even weigh in if it doesn't appeal to you? I've enjoyed all of Vordul's work, and Vast has his moments.

I hate to sound redundant, but we haven't heard them collaborating together on a project since Cold Vein. Features on each other's records is one thing in following the spotlighted artist's lead, or catering to them. But from the sound of things they're through "testing the water" as a group, and are at a similar point as they were with Cold Vein in cohesiveness. Vast said it himself, they "didn't want to be pushed". Listening to Melodious Monk, it sounds like he could do justice on the boards.

Vordul's sounding focused, and Vast seems eager. I'm really looking forward to this.

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