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Default the seventh month

...this what the money means, submission to the scheme
white cells commissioned to consume others' disease
still looking at the wingdings, how it came to be
mapped out prahly thousands a' years before being
whatever you call evil, they calling you see-thru
knowing your every direction, they own you people
meanwhile, I'm on you people, shoot to death deserters
topping you off's what the dirt is, earthworms dessert you
this written in the seventh month, septium, septiembre... idea was for 2001
I wish I had scientists with the heart to vocalize it
read my script and start going psychic against idolizers
yeah, well, not knowing how not to get caught up and bought up
is the twist on 'em...with no idea how I'll be brought up
the wrist on you wouldn't know the time with a whole town watch on it
sleepy heads got a bed on 'em, dumb asses got a couch on 'em...
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