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Originally Posted by IronSheik View Post
nobody gives a fuk but i see u from the UK so why do u mofos still got royalty? how backwards can u be in this era....are we still livin in the 1700s when most countries like France abolished that shit? after the Magna Carta and revolutions, beheadings and

whenever i see or hear any shit like this, i think about how mankind has not evolved as a species....the idea that someone's "blood" is superior for no other reason than the fact that one of their ancestors happened to be a particularly ruthless, devious, or violent bastard & their seeds represent generations of inbreeding.....u celebrate a family that lords over the people and got its power form mass murder and deception!

if the british public would wake the fuk up & ask ?s like how can a bunch of selfish greedy fuks live this way while so many people suffer throughout the world? why the queen owns half of the land in Canada, gets daily briefings from British intelligence, has dissmissed politicians there in order to ensure the passage of NAFTA

its a worthless deranged institution...their only job is to procreate--and drain the nation resources

instead of revolting and seizing their properties for public use, u ignorant fools allow them to continue living a life of leisure and luxury on ur tab
in reality the queen has very little power. technically she can declare war but if she did for no reason no one would take her seriously. she technically owns a lot of land but in reality she does nothing with it.

the queen is just a figurehead to attract tourists and who goes around the world representing britain.

in the republic of ireland the president is mostly just a figurehead who does nothing and he gets paid more than obama, the taoiseach is the one making all the real decisions.

voting for someone to be a figurehead getting paid and not having to do anything is almost as bad as someone getting paid and not having to do anything because of their family tree.

then again every political system is fucked up. democracy suggests that just because a lot of people say something then it should be done and its the correct thing to do.

these people should realise that a majority of the german people supported hitler.

personally i believe in a direct democracy(rather than representative) in which only the most intelligent can vote with these people chosen from the populace which would be closer to the democracy in classical greece compared to todays democracy.

then again i can see many flaws in the system i suggest so then all the systems probably suck for one reason or another.

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