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Originally Posted by sole controller View Post
i kinda of disagree,. the blood is powerful, ie the bloodline,. after all kings and queens get there status due to the divinity of their family line, as cough, they are only kings and queens due to being of 'godly' lineage..

but yeah i kinda disagree,, check out the crown corporation of london, or the 3 city states..
on paper they have power but in reality they dont. the queen could seize any piece of land she wanted to but in reality no one would listen to her.

is the city of london not run by the mayor of london. what exactly are u saying the queen does in the city of london.
if ur nice to me robbie ill show u how to use a slide rule.
Originally Posted by knewcheeze View Post
at least you fuckin an animal you are giving it pleasure instead of giving it pain.....better karma for you......
Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
I'm 37 years old, three years away from being 40. I'm getting old but I still feel young. I've had a few people tell me that I look young when I tell them how old iam.

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