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what they are doing is actually legal. ive done the research, read up on it.

if you wanna see, change it isnt going to come from the board of directors or CEO

they want to increase their margins and will do whatever it takes for that to happen

maybe the naive anons should focus their efforts on bringing some new legislation into fruition or working towards some sort of reform

attempting to hurt Starbucks profits for a day or two is simply laughable, because its like shooting a BB gun at an oil tanker

actually most of these "Ops" or ideas seem nothing short of egregious - and not in a good way. almost as if a bunch of pimply faced, bleeding heart liberal high school fggts, decided to form like Voltron in their "Pa's study" .... so they could save the world one mouse click at a time


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You'll cowards dont even drink cock liquor.
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