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Originally Posted by sole controller View Post

how can the govts create legislation against its masters??
good question

also... you can't really lie about your profits to the SEC. They watch everything. They are actually attempting to bring Netflix to court over a Facebook post - where the CEO was bragging about reaching 1billion viewership hours

as if that was even remotely related to an earnings report?

and I doubt anon is responsible for shedding light on Starbucks evading taxes. If anything it was competition who whined to the IRS.


everyone tries to find tax holes or outright lie/cheat. small companies aren't an exception.

starbucks was once a small biz, in Pike Place market back in '71

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you dont want me coming around dressed in black homie
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Honestly dude, this is why I want to go to hell. Hell is crackin.
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Did I scare you?
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