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Originally Posted by THE GENIUS View Post
Thanks. I'm reading it right now.

El-P rather works with average rappers like Killer Mike when he can work with artists that delivered a legendary record like Cold Vein.

El-P made Cold Vein what it is? You are forgetting about Vast Aire's style of rapping that was unique, Vordul and him were amazing on that album and the chemistry between them was perfect.

I already know responses that people are going to bitch about this album regardless if it's going to be the best shit out at that moment or not. This will destroy R.A.P. Music and Cancer 4 Cure.
Hell, it's already started- and we haven't even heard one single!

I feel like fans of Cannibal Ox or Vordul/Vast as solo artists, will appreciate this album. But of course, El-P fans are gonna weigh in. I can dig his production style, but his solo work and work after Cold Vein hasn't really grabbed me, personally.

Vordul and Vast know good music, especially when paired, and strike me as your regular cats you'd see on the block with a love for hip hop- they aren't gonna let their fan base down. El-P strikes me as being a pompous asshole/control freak, it's no wonder the 2006 album didn't work out.

Now that they've established IGC a bit, I having a feeling there'll be a lot of ill shit droppin for 2013.

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