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Originally Posted by Fishscale123 View Post
I guess you are taking this from the personality angle, which is fine I guess if you are a close friend or associate.

but some of them have left a detrimental effect on our society, which is rather distasteful in my eyes. While social standing and its relation with survival of the fittest do have origins in nature as a whole, I believe that this effect has worsened with the incorporation of currency and in essence the monopoly that the elite runs today. I do not view myself as a "hater" for this and I am actually quite well off, but to entirely blame the poor for the way they are (even though there are plenty of options for them to stand back up) is to an extent misguided. We were never meant to live the way we are today and if we totally adhered by nature's rules than this would not be a problem
I'm not talking about natures rules. I don't think we 'should' do anything. I just know that poor people are wack as fuck to themselves and each other. simple.
I'm telling you grimy shit but it's real, real isn't pretty. A poor person has a harder time making it, sure, but they have a high probability of being a juggalo or raised by juggalos.
Poor people suck. If you're poor and you want to stop being poor get away from poor people, that's step one. Poor people live in a materialistic society, so they have automatic little man syndrome. If you're somewhere and there's a majority poor people, there's a problem, and if there isn't they'll create one because that's why they're poor.

Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
There's some rich, 'cool' guys who think that the African population should be minimized. You would probably like these guys.


Originally Posted by Tectrus Moa View Post
Good post. The shelters I know of all too well.

If I shared my homeless stories, you guys would hate me. I was young, no family, no support. I had to guide myself through life. Long stories.
we've all grown up man, nobody's going to judge you or 'hate you'. Wouldn't be the craziest thing you've ever posted either. I'm interested in hearing your stories because I know you know what i'm talking about
Originally Posted by Sideshow Bob View Post
lol sounds like the relation between white democrats and black america
Haaaahhaaahaaa....dude....for real...
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