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Originally Posted by sole controller View Post
Anarcho-communism! what else!! everyone helping their communities, there is enough of everything, the usa throws away almost a billion dollers worth of food A DAY, they have made the system so that every country is reliant on other countries.. when back in the day, a lot more goods/services where created in the same country u reside..

the amount of energy free shit, patented and held for future use, by the elite,, would be freely available, as the inventors of said technologies, did them for the good of the people, until the millitary came a knocking.. then it was secretised!.. so so so many cases.. you cant even have independent communities with in countries, as you still have to pay their bullshit taxes, still have to abide by the countries (corporations) rules..
which as we all know only serve the elite..

only way for change to happen is, to show others a better system, which makes the current one obsolete.... but each time something is done.. shit is patented, then made secret,,

but those that have the power now, will use whatever force they deem necessary to continue their rampage of destruction and genocide...
Ok but if this universe is all a simulation like some psysicists speculate, why are you so upset - or even remotely interested in changing things?

Btw a research institute recently developed a nanomesh which triples the current capacity of solar cell efficiency.

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