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Originally Posted by food for thought View Post
lol you call this stalking?

stalking is when a wu corp member posts your house address and your car along with your government name and shit

stalking is when a wu corp member sends a substitution of trucker magazines to your parents home address

stalking is when a wu corp member gives us a detailed description of what RZA was doing in his backyard last night

youre wet behind the ears bro!!!
I agree on some of that, but wet behind the ears? nah son!
Stalking is when wu corpers go to the extent that they look up all posts by another member in order to charactize em' as "gay".. since that actually requires having read em' to even begin analysing how gay they are.. feel me? Unless ofcourse you just respond shit to anything.. cause' then you right, that ain't stalking, that's just being an attention whore! lawls
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