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ChristO crouching tiger

my team is map orientated, my meaning is wrath orientated
no secret, the math add up in paper
the ride through he’ll already traveled, so I made it
put the earth on mental-pause, force falling off
put the word out we’re on a tour, the world's course is war
it’s no more ifs, ands or buts about it
no sentences at all, just a verse about it
yeah, Jay told me of how Big Demi felt torn
‘cause of how Q-Don passed away in his arms...
...and every day I get closer to being 360 degrees
doors to the vault close and lock for eternity, and I’m the eternal key
try to burden me, with luck, you’ll see an infirmary
won’t be a program to end urban blight
that can catch up to the devastation
that’s cosmetic, a band-aid, when our minds are the wasteland...
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