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ChristO crouching tiger

broad wiped my seed off her face, while the earth spin
the perp wiped the seeds off the face of the earth
I just got home from work, heard the work was put in
god bless, but the diversion turn necks from lookin'
within, the hoboken lady told me she worked for them
elitists behind the worst mass murdas summoned
summoning sun tzu from me, ghengis khan from me
any other cold-blooded killa I was anger from me
look, the system know me better than I could show you
who keep trying a' substitute me for the tofu
who deep in my world trying a' make they great exodus now
or beginning to realize who they messing with
took a big L on my birthday back in '99
I liked when they was like stick to ya' own kind
you can't breach protocol and expect peace to manifest
I ain't cowtowing to the program they trying a' set...
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