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ChristO crouching tiger

...this exerpt touches on the significance of phila.'s 336th murder victim in 2005..entry dated 7.24.2007...

...on my own I go apeshit as white out to erase shit
perfect example? 336th killed by caucasian white lady, in zoos [2005]
believe me, the jauns [females] see me and won’t reach,
but dancing that wu' dance and acting a fool
I knew the message in the chorus to "Yah’Mean"
by the method of my own madness? murders rose..I’m clean
all it took was the symbol of the holy grail...
..a woman’s legs lead a whole heep a’ landlovers out to sail
I can about say since the business with luci is unfinished...
..this is nothing new, they won’t get to cruise past scrimmage lines
I gotta’ redefine contract language
I don’t suffer any contact’s anguish
we wanna’ get money over there? I’ll earthquake a combat canvass
and do what it takes to have my hands on that ransom...
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