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Originally Posted by DANNY WINTERS View Post
I have yet to fully decipher your words, but I notice strong the U-Godian influences.

I come in peace, noble euro-cracker
I've got a feeling this is the start of a great friendship! I'll teach you how to decipher regular english, don't stress Laddie!

I don't take shit seriously Cowboy, i'm all bout' good laughs.

Originally Posted by sole controller View Post
LOL it looks like we haz a new merry dance with new steps and moves!

i was born in england (leeds)

i have lived over 80% of my life in england..

if you check american history.,. england plays a huge part in the forming of your country

and you use the language the English created.. americans never created any language, they dont even have their own culture!!!

American isnt even a language dan!! lolololol

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