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Originally Posted by OlympiQ View Post
If playing at a high level was as easy as RG3 makes it look, everyone would be doing it.

Much more of our offense is predicated on Griffin's decision-making ability than some people would lead you to believe. Morris is a great back but the play action game isn't at it's best unless you are dangerous both running and passing.

RG3's dual-threat ability gives a back like Morris that extra second to hit the hole because the D is concerned with RG3 and the formations. Once Griffin was knocked out of the Atlanta game Morris went from dominating to nonexistent.

this statement doesn't even warrant a response. smfh

Griffin can actually beat you with his arm unlike Tebow and the Redskins have a historically terrible secondary. horrible comparison.

lol @ comparing a player with a 104 passer rating and a 67% completion percentage toTebows 40 something completion percentage and 70 something QB rating.

RGIII has been without his #1 WR several games and lost his top 10 TE in week 7. I could easily drift into the "well, if RG3 had Reggie Wayne to throw to..." argument.

Can you see Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, etc. running that offense?

Thats the point. Griffin is one of a very few number of QBs that can actually run that offense. Griffin actually can run for almost 100 yards in a game.

Luck throws more because he puts his team in a hole more and the team is forced to abandon the run. The Colts are an average rushing team. The median team at #16 rushes for less than 7 yards more than the Colts (at #22). The reason the Colts don't rush more is that they are being put in a hole with iNTs (many of them pick 6's) by that QB that you keep saying is not at fault. When in fact, it is very much partly his fault that they are passing so much to begin with

No, there running a offense that best utilize his strength. do you have the slightest idea mike shanny is running his west coast offense and adding other elements because of the traits Rg3 possesses.

Griffin actually has poise in the pocket, much better pocket presence, better arm/accurate, and doesn't run in the pocket like a chicken the second he senses pressure.

How many Redskins games have you actually watched this year?
you're making it seems like im saying RG3 sucks. im not saying this.

hey, if the redskins D sucks thats on them. im just saying that how they have to play. they're not like the patriots where they're gonna outscore everyone.

yeah manning, brady etc. cant run the offense RG3 is running, neither could john elway or joe montana. they're not runners. the real question is, could RG3 run theirs? this remains to be seen as he's in an offense thats run first pass second.

the colts have no running game period, they didnt have one when manning was there. near last in the league year after year. they have no choice but to throw the football in indy and while luck may get them into holes he's shown the ability to dig them out of those holes with game winning drives. any other rookie QB would be screwed if they were in the positions luck was in and he's consistently dug them out. despite all these picks and a shit running game the colts are 9-4.

like i said, peyton threw a ton of INTs his rookie year. as he got more experience, the picks went down. luck has already shown he can make plays and lead a team for drives in critical situations where he HAS to throw.

RG3 has poise in the pocket and luck doesnt? what is this predicated on? the number of picks? as already explained, the colts dont have a running game and havent for years. they HAVE to throw the football and it has little to do with being in a hole unless you want to say that hole is not having a running game to begin with.

as i said, RG3s accuracy is better because he's not being asked to throw 40 times a game. he has the ability to run and this is what the offense is based on. we'll see, maybe RG3 breaks the mold of the so called dual threat Qbs that came before him who were very good at running but not so good at passing. so far, im not convinced.
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