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you're making it seems like im saying RG3 sucks. im not saying this.
You are acting if he's just some Vick 2.0. which is laughable.

hey, if the redskins D sucks thats on them. im just saying that how they have to play. they're not like the patriots where they're gonna outscore everyone.
Naw nigga, you stated the Skins won games due solely to their run game and defense similar to last years Broncos squad which is WAY off. The Skins have won/loss the majority of their games in shootouts.

I can point to one or two games where RG3 had the defense sabotage his efforts (the first Giants game for instance where he led what should have been a GWD only to see the Redskins secondary not play defense on the first play of the Giants last drive and give up a long TD to Cruz). RG3 doesn't have the luxury of having his defense bail him out in games like Luck has in a couple of their wins.

yeah manning, brady etc. cant run the offense RG3 is running, neither could john elway or joe montana. they're not runners. the real question is, could RG3 run theirs? this remains to be seen as he's in an offense thats run first pass second.
The Redskins are a running team under Mike Shanahan, if RG3 was asked to throw more im sure he would do it more efficently than Luck. Even in college RG3 rarely threw intercerptions. There's just no need for Griffin to become solely a passing qb with that kinda speed.
he colts have no running game period, they didnt have one when manning was there. near last in the league year after year. they have no choice but to throw the football in indy and
Stop making shit up. They're an average run team. They are #22 and the median at #16 rushes for less than 7 more yards per game than them. Colts are hardly a bad rushing team. They simply abandon the run too much and try to air it out.

while luck may get them into holes he's shown the ability to dig them out of those holes with game winning drives.
I would much rather my qb not put my team in that kind of situation to begin with.
any other rookie QB would be screwed if they were in the positions luck was in and he's consistently dug them out.
Yeah, because Griffin and Wilson have never led GW drives.

despite all these picks and a shit running game the colts are 9-4.
The Colts and their -16 TO differential are the worst 9-5 team I have ever seen. Must be nice to play the jaguars twice, titans twice, browns, bills, jets, dolphins, lions, and chalk it up as Luck is the GOAT. fuck outta here.

like i said, peyton threw a ton of INTs his rookie year. as he got more experience, the picks went down. luck has already shown he can make plays and lead a team for drives in critical situations where he HAS to throw.
So have Griffin and Wilson but they're sample size isn't as large as Luck's because they don't consistently put their teams in holes.

RG3 has poise in the pocket and luck doesnt? what is this predicated on? the number of picks?
Luck -3.4 TD% and 3.4 INT% (0% difference)
Griffin -5.1 TD% and 1.1 INT% (4.0% difference)
Wilson -6.1 TD% and 2.7 INT% (3.4% difference)

Luck is sacked less often than Griffin and Wilson, throws TDs at a lower percentage, and INTs at a higher percentage yet he has the superior "presence" ?

and i said, RG3s accuracy is better because he's not being asked to throw 40 times a game. he has the ability to run and this is what the offense is based on.
"RG3 has thrown a high share of short passes, with 153 of his 205 completions (74.6 percent) thrown fewer than 10 yards. But he's just a tree in an NFL forest of QBs throwing short passes. Consider that Tom Brady, with a passer rating of 105.2, is throwing short at a far higher rate. Brady has thrown fewer than 10 yards on a whopping 222 of his 308 completions entering Week 13, or 81 percent, far ahead of Griffin. Matt Ryan, with perhaps the NFL's best downfield options in Julio Jones and Roddy White (as well as Tony Gonzalez), throws short 73 percent of the time, essentially the same as Griffin. Peyton Manning (74.1), Rodgers (73.4) and even Joe Flacco (70 percent) are all thriving on the short ball at a rate virtually the same as RG3.

If you claim the Redskins have RG3 pedaling in an offense built around the short throw --quick slants, quick digs, across-the-formation shots --then you might as well say Brady is being pushed while utilizing training wheels.

Griffin is, without overstating it, an extraordinarily accurate NFL QB. Not for his age, but for a thrower of the football, period. Evaluators will tell you that accuracy is probably the single greatest indicator of a QB's ability to succeed because it encapsulates everything. It's not just ball placement, it's timing; it's the ability to hit the right route by working through reads, throwing to the open man and, when you do, hitting him in a location that allows him to gain yards after the catch. And to even be consistently accurate, you have to do so many other things well, all starting between the ears. In baseball terms, it's the difference between control and command. Good control means you can throw strikes consistently; good command means you're painting corners and with proper depth on the pitches. RG3 has command.

According to PFF, RG3's accuracy percentage (which accounts for drops, throwaways, spikes, batted passes and passes where the QB is hit while throwing) is at an NFL-leading 80.5 percent. The lead itself is impressive, but to put that number in context, since PFF began tracking the stat in 2008, only Rodgers has a higher rate --80.6 percent. In other words, RG3 through 11 games is as accurate a passer as we've seen in the NFL over a five-year period when virtually every passing record has been torched. Among rookies in that time, Ryan has the best full-season mark, at 74.6 percent. How deterministic is that number? This season, the guys directly trailing RG3 are Rodgers, Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson, Matt Schaub and Brady. Pretty good company.

And RG3 isn't just accurate because he's throwing short. On throws of more than 20 yards, his accuracy percentage is 52.2 percent, third highest in the NFL. According to ESPN Stats & Info, he's completed 66.7 percent of those 20-plus-yard throws, second highest in the NFL. And RG3 actually throws downfield plenty next to his peers. On intermediate throws (10-20 yards) he's completed 42 passes, more than Brady or Rodgers. This goes back to last season at Baylor, where coaches Art Briles and Phil Montgomery tinkered with his delivery on the deep ball. His 72.4 percent completion percentage last season wasn't just pure college offensive gimmickry --his 10.7 yards per attempt led the nation.

The accuracy stands up under another level of scrutiny --pressure. Against five or more rushers, RG3 has completed 67.4 percent of passes, a higher rate than the impossible-to-blitz Peyton Manning. His accuracy percentage under pressure is an obscene 81.9 percent, an NFL high."

Griffin is undoubtedly more accurate than Luck.
we'll see, maybe RG3 breaks the mold of the so called dual threat Qbs that came before him who were very good at running but not so good at passing. so far, im not convinced.
Rg3 is a far better passer than a Vince Young or Michael Vick. Aron Rodgers is much better comparison.
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