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ChristO crouching tiger

always 'preciate the feedback.
now this next exerpt is from 11.11.11, starts out touching on when I schizzed and seen the wu emblem on t.v. and "they" called me out, back in '99 pr '00 maybe..

...any significance lost in the contrast of the world’s atlas
I’m just a living contract, thinking how the wu’ sought me out via comcast
not a fan a’ man, I’m the bomb’s blast
I had to fight against the notion of, any assumption that I follow them, naw
found out they follow me, The Father, The Sun
trying a’ find how to confide in me
met up with l.e.k. to seal the leak
wu’men, gots’ to deliver me the w8men for me to be no longer formerly
signs I accumilated...the only dark spaces illuminated is where luci raided
makes the enigma a bit confused and tainted
man, I just think who’s the mother, and the truth’s restrained then
I mean, between the father, the son, and the wholy ghost
and what lucy knows, how luci know not to step on my toes
I ain’t about getting benched now, I’m about dollars and cents now
but that’s at y’all expense now
$10 million the father turned down?
j. edgar had his cointelpros busy at work...foul
thanksgiving turkey shit, get you fat, bake you dead
I ain’t giving up my nation, we the ungrateful dead
2-4’s part of the swastika, resurrected
by whom? nebudchadnezzar?
most let the matrix slip in codes to let lucipher live longer
shiii, I’m just still taking this all in
trying a’ wake up since june of ’69
’98 luci said he gon’ bring me to the light...
..yeah, but uh, that’s illuminati on...a complex web
now they nigga rottin’s r.i.p.’d... ears shot, steady ringing like ebs
my third eye tuned in like cbs...

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