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Default from 12.11.11 entry

pardon me, a lotta' material to dump on 'em. whoever pay attention, see suh'm interestin' and consider these as lessons?...

...I'll catch up to muhammad knight like he's tater tots
maybe to commend his thoughts and research
but to let 'em know I'm found in these dirts
the father'd be risen outta' me
but of Him I'm a dichotomy, of reverse psychology
this is where the blockbster story is, ground floor with it
13th of 6.69 where the glory is
case still a frozen stiff
baby luc' on some omen shit
maybe he can let me know who ordered my hit wumen is like, yo...Im not the mimicking type
so I need my w8man tonight and my wu/w8men to fight for me
a figure of light, not luciferian slight
tho my name broken down was ant christ
96 flipped from 69 when I was shot down to the lower bowel
ate by s.p., the upside-down head with a open mouth
peninsula paralleling the bx peninsula too
phila. experiment, who knew? the names are a few
I aint perpetrating any fraud
sure nuff wish I aint have to take this shit anymore
if I wish I could help the bricks
which ones of em still tryin a play tough as a brick wall?
see you in my location, Im aiming to fit yall in a pitfall
if Im at galilee 2.15
was I the scientist the catholic church tried to ostracize?
nobodys in-formation, too scared to assemble into another continent.
zionism mighta went
but who breaking through the linguistics?
who making moves beyond physics thats non-mystic?
is the con shifting from lucille the bitch to the profit?
naw, the bitches is not shit if Im not picked
if the background is my back to yall gossip
when I turn around, guess what Im in your mouths with, what about the nature of the bankers?
why is malcom x now chase manhattan?
hexed maybe. ..well, it just may be he asked for it
karma builds like past storage
those who dont like what Im saying, ask for me
might get lucifer playing like...since they dont think what Im sayings right...
..shiii, luci cannot prophesize, hes not a prophet
its just about the dollar signs, so I said hes the profit
cause the people is often making choices to ruin my psyche
Im a go on and write this out how Im a ride this out, and its on yall to find me
the wumen hold the secret then, and lucifer will not win

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