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the colts arent spotting the other team 14 points every game so saying they abandoned the run because they were always in a hole is simply false. this would be true for maybe 2 games out of 14.
I could actually point to several different games where the opposing team has capitalized on the extra possessions Luck has given them early in games. Just because it isn't a pick 6 doesn't make it any less demoralizing cause it still leads to points and is still considered being put in a hole by their qb.
in all other games they have to make plays late to get wins where they might be down by a FG or a TD in the 4th.
what good is the guy who is good in an emergency (say: a house fire) when he's one of the ones who set fire to the house to begin with?
tom brady has 6 picks and has a better running game yet he also averages 40 throws a game. same with peyton manning. the colts simply run an offense centered around passing.
another horrible comparison. Manning and Brady are actually effective throwing 40 throws a game while Luck can't even lead a top 20 offense throwing that many times. Why would a team center their offense around passing when it isn't effective? I didn't realize that the best way of bringing along a rookie QB is by putting them into an offense that doesn't minimize their mistakes.

and again: How do you explain Luck's terrible numbers the last two weeks despite having a "effective" run game?
there are 5 games where RG3 throws less than 25 times and he has 30 attempts or more in only 3 games. saying they throw less because he's more efficient throwing early in games just doesnt make sense.
Maybe, just maybe, if Luck was able to complete better than 50% of his passes he wouldn't need to throw it 50 times a game better yet 67%. Or if he he didn't turn over the ball so frequently early on in games he wouldn't have to throw 18+ times ever fourth quarter in comeback attempts.

Andrew Luck is the only quarterback I've ever seen with a sub-80 QB rating, 18 interceptions with a TD/INT ratio of 1/1, leading the league, and a sub-55 CMP% and yet actually be as praised and heralded as he is.

griffien can run as fast as most WR in the league. why would shanahan not design an offense to take advantage of that? they're a football team centered around the run just like the 49ers.
Yes, the Skins are running team but the notion that Griffin "doesn't" pass or can't pass is ridiculous.

RG3 makes the runnning game go, with his legs, not his arm.
The only reason I stated this was because you were acting if RG3 benefits from having a great back. Luck has proven these last two weeks that he's just extremely inefficient period, with or without a running game.
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