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Originally Posted by OlympiQ View Post
I could actually point to several different games where the opposing team has capitalized on the extra possessions Luck has given them early in games. Just because it isn't a pick 6 doesn't make it any less demoralizing cause it still leads to points and is still considered being put in a hole by their qb.

what good is the guy who is good in an emergency (say: a house fire) when he's one of the ones who set fire to the house to begin with?

another horrible comparison. Manning and Brady are actually effective throwing 40 throws a game while Luck can't even lead a top 20 offense throwing that many times. Why would a team center their offense around passing when it isn't effective? I didn't realize that the best way of bringing along a rookie QB is by putting them into an offense that doesn't minimize their mistakes.

and again: How do you explain Luck's terrible numbers the last two weeks despite having a "effective" run game?

Maybe, just maybe, if Luck was able to complete better than 50% of his passes he wouldn't need to throw it 50 times a game better yet 67%. Or if he he didn't turn over the ball so frequently early on in games he wouldn't have to throw 18+ times ever fourth quarter in comeback attempts.

Andrew Luck is the only quarterback I've ever seen with a sub-80 QB rating, 18 interceptions with a TD/INT ratio of 1/1, leading the league, and a sub-55 CMP% and yet actually be as praised and heralded as he is.

Yes, the Skins are running team but the notion that Griffin "doesn't" pass or can't pass is ridiculous.

The only reason I stated this was because you were acting if RG3 benefits from having a great back. Luck has proven these last two weeks that he's just extremely inefficient period, with or without a running game.
your housefire analogy is a bad one. the ability to overcome bad plays and respond when the chips are down is a well sought-after trait in a QB. lots of great QBs throw a lot of picks. the mannning brothers, john elway, and brett favre to name some.

it also assumes them being down is always lucks fault and never on the defense, and that every pick is solely luck's fault. balls do get tipped in the air.

manning's backup last year only won 2 games with all of mannings weapons including reggie wayne. other than reggie wayne, all those players are gone, new coaching staff, no running game, no offensive scheme protecting luck from mistakes. they put the offense all on lucks arm. they're 9-5 despite all those picks so clearly their not hurting them that much.

RG3 is not being asked to win by throwing it, only to not make mistakes throwing it. similar to alex smith. he's being shielded as a thrower. the offense is set up to take advantage of his running ability and thats what he's doing. they're running the football very well and are winning games with a run option offense.

kurt cousins started their last game against the browns.

luck has shown great promise as a QB while Rg3 has shown great promise as a RB who can throw it.
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