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"Have you noticed that the Mind and its preoccupation with good and bad, right or wrong, exists within a state or psychosomatic condition of contraction. Such that even if there are no thoughts going through the Mind or even if ones judgments are positive...this contracted condition and the original sense that "something is wrong" is ever present in the background. One can feel this as a sense of dis-ease within and as a sense of separation from others and the world. As this fundamental contracted state is made conscious dropped, the underlying sense of disharmony is dropped also. What arises is the biology of relaxing into the Unified Ocean--sanctified and made sacred.

The self has to make the conscious decision to surrender to the Self--otherwise friction, regression and degeneration occur. The pivotal choice of self or Self defines the difference between turning into the bliss and raising the body up, or backing away from it in fear and weakness (immaturity). Immaturity therefore is the denial of What Is! Allowing fully "What Is" is the spiritual path. Once we are comfortable with "limitlessness" however, we find we can fly.

The hardest thing to handle is the bliss of our own emergence. Therefore it takes a conscious decision at some point to commit to allowing and following the intelligence of bliss, whereby we create our wisdom-body. We transform to the degree that we have the faith needed to suspend fixation to our box. Our relationship to this energy of transformation, call it Kundalini, Dionysus or the Holy Spirit is essentially the relationship we have to our own soul. It is a matter of how much of the formless are we willing to allow into our world of form?

No sooner have we figured out one puzzle than we are called onto the technique or formula can keep up with the unfolding of our Hero's journey. The true bible is written in our hearts. Surrender is allowing the soul to take command of one's biology and behavior. Realizing the ever-present witness of the truth of love that is Spirit. Such that one's small "I" gains greater participation in awareness that bubbles up from the subconscious, or descends from the superconsciousness.

Communication between the layers of sub-con-super is reliant on the degree of communication of energy and substances within the cells and between the cells. Thus union of body, mind and soul we could say is based on this primary cellular communication. After which all the other forms of communication between people, within society and between worlds, past, present and future, takes place. If all people looked after their bodies and brought them up to the speed of spirit and allowed the spiritual transmutation of their flesh, we would see more evidence of a Global Brain of infinitely loving intelligence.

To grok Being-time and kundalini a transtemporal sense must be achieved. Events are occurring now because other events are going to happen in the future. The alchemy that is occurring now is the preliminary alchemy to that which is coming up in the future. Bodies prepare themselves for alchemical relationship beyond both time and space. We are drawn inexorably toward our pivotal nexus. The Global Brain is the greatest attractor field and greatest force of nature on planet earth.

Evolution would have us evolve despite ourselves. Surrender is allowing the world soul to take command, to allow ourselves to become all we were meant to be. The alchemy itself draws us into situations in which the full realization of the chemistry can occur. Thus all we need to do to become our Self is follow our Muse, follow our soul through the hottest heat of the Sacred Fire.

A few of the books from Michael Gazzaniga’s prestigious body of work include: Nature's Mind; The Social Brain; Mind Matters; Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind; The Ethical Brain."
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