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The formula for kundalini is Flow X Energy Resistance. That is conductance (Amps) times energy resources (Watts) divided by toxicity or inferior wiring.

The results of our awakening will be determined largely by our attitude, intention and ability to “allow.” We fully manifest on planet earth to the degree of our acceptance or rejection of our own incarnate being. This “allowing of Self” will dictate the flavor of both our life and our kundalini trip. To avoid resistance and maladaptation the path of fire requires a certain strength. The key to metamorphic mastery is to become superbly adapted to one’s own incarnation. Conscious incarnation is giving ourselves permission to show up, hence awakening is a “choice.” Metamorphosis is a process of purification, and yet it is not a simple detoxification that is occurring, but the ongoing refinement of life itself toward the incarnation of a deeper Self. Evolution simply IS when we stop suppressing, abusing and holding ourselves back from the fluid realization of our Being.

The inertia and resistance of past structure causes tension between what we are now and that which is trying to manifest from beyond the veil. Due to this disparity the pressures of birthing consciousness can be enormous, and there is the tendency for the poor ego to be drawn all over the map while the deeper Self is coming to light. Thus we need enormous faith, understanding and compassion in order to ride the wave. It takes genius to ride the wave of emergence into the depths of the unknown, in order to avoid being smashed under the tension-wave or vainly try to save ourselves by crawling back up the beach.

In order to move from a past structure of consciousness to a new structure of consciousness the present one must be perturbed or penetrated with greater energy of awareness. The peak experiences of kundalini are such a "perturbation" of our former conditioning. Whether we receive this perturbation through vibration (music/drum/dance/chanting), through drugs, through stress, through romance, Guru devotion or through is a door into our own deepest source and condition of Self. The peak experience of kundalini awakening allows participation in the World-brain/Earth-soul, through the dysidentification with the conditioned stage that we are at.

“The process of Awakening is the hardest thing in the world to do for the simple reason that we must confront ourselves. Rather than attempting to formulate "reasons" for our behavior and engagement of life, we have to come to clearly see we are not and have not been Awake.” Garwin Redman

Incarnation is the hardest task imposed on us, for the instinct is to back away from the edge as the energy of consciousness touches our contraction. To the degree that we retreat, our entire physiology and consciousness is diminished and growth is suspended. The immune system, nervous system and mitochondria exist in the matrix of our positive or negative assessment of ourselves and our world. Our defensive resistance to negative experience and trauma tightens the rubber band of the armoring making the symptoms of our contraction more obvious. You might say rigid belief in the memory of our past-self is the only thing holding us back from enlightenment. When we give ourselves permission to move beyond who we have known ourselves to least then we are growing.

Repression does not simply “make things go away” but condemns them to the shadow realms, where they incubate and infect the entirety of our lives with poison. Numbness and unconsciousness produce ever-increasing dysfunction, neurosis and removal from reality. Thus when our conditioning is "penetrated" the symptoms are likely to be more extreme than it would be say if we come from a very benign-loving history.
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