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your housefire analogy is a bad one. the ability to overcome bad plays and respond when the chips are down is a well sought-after trait in a QB. lots of great QBs throw a lot of picks. the mannning brothers, john elway, and brett favre to name some.
you seem to be making a lot of presumptions. There are also alot of QBs similar to Luck that have flamed out entirely and ended up as epic busts, too.

it also assume them being down is always lucks fault and never on the defense, and that every pick is solely luck's fault. balls do get tipped in the air
The defense has bailed Luck out in at least two games when he was not playing well and already forced 10 turnovers for Luck this year.
manning's backup last year only won 2 games
the Colts got the #1 pick with one of the worst backup plans in history in Curtis Painter and a washed up Kerry Collins. The same Kerry Collins who was 2-11 in his previous 2 years on the Titans. Andrew Luck looks more impressive than he is just because of how bad Curtis Painter was.
with all of mannings weapons including reggie wayne. other than reggie wayne
Along with a top 5 WR, Hilton and Avery are speedy receivers that can break big plays. Hilton especially has played better than people give him credit for. Plus he has two good TE's.

all those players are gone, new coaching staff, no running game,
Why do you keep stating they have no running game? Vick Ballard's going to easily crack 700 rushing yards next week and should double his TD production by the end of the season. He may even triple it.

no offensive scheme protecting luck from mistakes. they put the offense all on lucks arm.
Again Luck is overvalued because of how bad Curtis Painter, Kerry Collins were. Dan Orlovsky was the best QB on that team last year. That ought to tell you that their record last year wasn't any indication of how good that team could have potentially have been even with an average QB.

they're 9-5 despite all those picks so clearly their not hurting them that much.
Jaguars, Jaguars, Bills, Jets, Chiefs, Browns, Titans, Titans, Dolphins, Detroit . when your SOS is weak enough, anything is plausible

in the DVOA rankings RG3 is 3rd behind Brady and Manning with 17.3%. Luck? He's 21st with -6.8%. A good indicator that throwing so many picks puts his team in a bind and him in a position to have to deliver all those late game heroics.
RG3 is not being asked to win by throwing it, only to not make mistakes throwing it. similar to alex smith.
Just stop.
he's being shielded as a thrower. the offense is set up to take advantage of his running ability and thats what he's doing. they're running the football very well and are winning games with a run option offense.
They are a running team yet Griffin is still on pace to have just as many passing attemts as Matt Ryan did his rookie year. And doing so with record breaking efficiency.
kurt cousins started their last game against the browns.
Luck has shown great promise as a QB while Rg3 has shown great promise as a RB who can throw it.
The only thing Luck has proven is that he can put up yards extremely inefficiently and turn the ball over.

list a few "throwing" RB's that have lead the league in QB rating and ypa?

Reach harder
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