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heres all you need to know, all Im a give up
you stand up or sit down, or stand down and sit up
contract for 2035, its already in the system
since I was resurrected, already played the victim
I was in 212, already made the papers
was flipped to 215, made it back as a baby
Ill try to keep it simple, but dying isnt simple
when you brought back to life in a world still trying a kill you
still half-dead not knowing til you schiz out
in 96 from 69 when your life fizzed out
living as a ghost now, wondering who hear you
luci keeping close now, making sure he hear you
so he survives in your wordlook, Im exhausted
shiii, if this is the last day, Id be all for it
I had to declare war on the nigga, face-to-face
that was in 06, I say he a bitch on some gaze shit
Im facing a killa, but thats when I look in the mirror
tryin a get sun tzu and ghengis khan to appear from
out of my past life lineage and to the present moment
as well as king david and whoever else notorious
all me, one man army on em corpsing em
toilet em, coffins built outta porcelain
Im the alpha-omega male
you born from ajaccio/a jackel, Im a send you back to the depths of Hell
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