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ChristO crouching tiger

...the wu emblem showed up on my t.v.
with sword sound effects and saying "we know who you are" to me easy
yeah, I sufferd the schiz', 'cause my past wouldn't leave me
harrassed by some demons, a shirt read my nightmare's just beginning
I reminisce and sure do miss the attention
but the risk was my mental, so I had to leave that dead and stinkin'
the wu' used to clique with a clique I was with since '93
big demy would tell me the shit, as 5-4 was deep
in a war busy picking niggas off of the earth's fabric
call 'em lint balls if you must, but they was someone's family
r.i.p. to kevin from the Abyss, he was shot dead
before I got with The EOUS fam', in the war field [wynn]
from the breeze [pt. breeze, s.p.] to the wynne' [wynnefield, w.p.]... do we build what free radicals can't interfere with...
..lettuce think for a minute, 60 seconds, 360 leverage
365 and 366 'round the solar's presence...

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