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ChristO crouching tiger
Default excerpt from 10.17.12

..right, you can forgive/pardon the biases I laced this piece with, or, well, yo, Iím here to give a message, eh...
...concentration camping out with my nation, a compilation
our waists hammered down, off safety to waste men
yíalls safety ainít there then... how do lucille want to drill?
in your anus Iím gonnaí drill
Iím not slow, uranus co-rules with the water boy
youíll capsize before rowing your boat ashore
my wuímen ether not playing, or Iím not paying for sex
but I am tempted to part with part of my checkÖ I strangle my neck Ďtil my head gush my kids
I call a chick only to keep in-touch with a b!#ch
sheís slow to choose me, meanwhile I get shot to death
my optionís to brand myself ant christ and be hexed
the 5 points of a goat referred to as baphemat
yeah, well itís all rhetoritic Ďtil you realize what is left
there seems to be a failure in our communication
some kid said I am nimrod, for now itís speculation
but I can see how itís real, the wolf hunter flipped from the shepherd
so whoís alleging anything that I did was senseless?
even when I went in on my own blood tee-tee
notice that I never slept, no bedsheets in tee-pees
part chippewa, all black, speckle of white devil
I am my own combat zone, relations not settled
just because they wannaí procreate the oreo race
Iíll sherman hensley s.p. strut all on they graves
Iím so demanding, obey, I demand it
okay, if you doubt, gravitate off the planet
without a smoke, drink, sniff, or a fresh needle track, son
the bees came for me..the beetles came for manson
Iím realer than crazy, I am sun tzu
author of the art of war, a.k.a. sun wu
I know you saw the raw evidence yíall ignore
thereís an eternal debt owed for what I endure
any rap skill evolved still is a dollar short
pay it all to me or be dissolved into a sauce
I am gabí the gift, harbinger of revelations
the beast with the 666, I call for his resignation
your profit muhammad talks from his imagination
if Iím not recognized as allah in yíall ragged nation
I come for nothing else but to war on your faggot fake shit
Iím best to give me mine or get bath-tub naked...
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