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Default fuck da' world [one brick's finale]

fuck da' world, some shit never dies
'tis I, the christ ressurected, I tell you no lie
think I'm ineffective as inert energy since
on friday the 13th being shot smooth to shit?
shot from the heavins to this helladelphia premise
my g6pd [9696] deficiency being a blemish
I kept my eyes on the sparrows shitting all on my car
and wished I had a bb gun to snipe 'em out the sky
yeah, it can rhyme if say it right
without a prayer in the world, joab made 'em all say goodnight
I caught a headache, wondering if the crippled
don't matter, had to protect the borders, them niggas' dead
don't ask me about it, I'm a' tell you I suffered schiz'
we going for they arsenal, yes, heard 'em talkin' shit
what's heart got to do with it, I'm already dead
nyc can tell you more I could, I already lived
I'm giving you one brick's finale before being r.i.p.'d
and they won't find joab for shit, just more death
I'm on a money mission, so money, listen
if you feel your heart pitter-patter how I'm some real shit
don't mention it, there's certain shit I'm a' deal with
like you, you, and you, 'til I get no interferance
whoever got two eyes to read and two ears to hear me
believe it or not, I'm here blood, you need not try to tempt me...
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