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Originally Posted by OlympiQ View Post
name them?

You tried to blame the defense when they have actually bailed Luck out on multiple occasions. to sit there and try to demean every other part of the team to build up Luck is just laughable.

It doesn't matter the weapons when you have the worst QB in the NFL as your starter.
Great, so you're ok with the captain who shoots a hole in the boat with his gun as long as he helps the rest of the crew bail in the end.

But you're not ok with the captain who avoids shooting the hole in the boat in the first place.

The only impressive comeback that HE actually led was against Detroit.

let's also just ignore the fact that Griffin led 2 game-winning drives WITH HIS ARM and watched his defense blow the first one.

Why do you try to compare Griffin to the elite QBs in todays game but compare Luck to a rookie Manning? Again a rookie Matt Ryan threw the ball as much RG3 has and is now a elite passer. So what's your point?

Griffin has already had a better passing season than anyone of the 8 years Alex Smith has had as a pro with two games to go this season. Comparing an 8th year (now backup) game managing QB backed by a great defense to a rookie sensation is a joke, and you know it. Just stop.

RG3 is not a 'running QB'. He's a QB with a cannon for an arm and very good accuracy who also happens to have elite speed. If the Redskins decided next year to quit running option plays, Griffin wouldn't suddenly become ineffective.

Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, and Vince Young have all ran for that many yards/tds and never had a qb rating as high as a rookie Griffin. next excuse?

On intermediate throws (10-20 yards) he's completed 42 passes, more than Brady or Rodgers. RG3 's ball placement is elite.

NIGGA YOU MAKE THE WORST COMPARISONS I'VE EVER SEEN. of course 800 yards is considered washed up taking into consideration LT's HOF career. 800 yards for a starting back is AVERAGE like I've been saying the entire time. do I have to define "average" for you?
the fact remains that RG3 is running an option read offense predicated on running the football where he's barely throwing it. those 10-20 yard throws are to wide open receivers from defenses biting on play action and focusing on the run. this will happen even more so when you have a running attack as effective as the redskins.

whether or not he would continue to be mistake free if he were running tom brady or peyton mannings offense remains to be seen and it may not ever be seen since he has the ability to run.

if the possibility of amassing 800 yards for the year rushing is what the average running attack puts up than there's a lot of teams with poor running games. the colts running attack is not even in the same stratosphere as the redskins or even the patriots who convert long first downs on the ground often. tom brady still throws it though, because thats what the offense is predicated on. luck doesnt have this luxury and he's hardly a threat to break a 30 yard run on you either. 800 yards over 16 games. thats 50 yards a game. you call that effective? you call that being anywhere close to what the redskins have?

peyton manning lead the league in turnovers his first year too. look where he's at now. matt ryan wasnt running an option read offense as he didnt have WR speed.

you'll say how do i know luck will become a more efficient passer? i dont. in the same way you dont know that RG3 would continue to be as effiecent in a throwing oriented offense. we'll get to see luck's maturation process next year. we wont for RG3 as he'll remain in the option read offense that protects him as a thrower. there's no reason to change.
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