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Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
I just listened to a few songs from the mixtape at Youtube and they're ok. I wouldn't buy the mixtape. Prodigy hasn't done good music in a long time. I heard a song he did with Havoc and Lady Luck on HNIC 3 mixtape just now at Youtube. I didn't like the beat. I can't understand why Lady Luck hasn't released any albums because she can rap. She's been a rapper since 1998 when i first heard her on a song with Redman called Come And Get It on Backstage soundtrack. Then i heard her on EPMD's Symphony 2000 classic song with Method Man and Redman. It's no excuse that she doesn't have any albums. She must've signed several bad record deals. I wonder how she's making money because it can't only be from mixtapes because she hasn't done a lot of mixtapes. Anyway getting back to Prodigy, i'm not checking for his solo music anymore. I do wanna hear Havoc's next album because Same Shit Different Day song is hard and i would like to hear a few more Mobb Deep albums because the last album Blood Money was good.
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