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This is how good Public Enemy was as friends..We were on a foreign tour, and basically we'd just met in person on that was one of those things Im sure you've all experienced where you just clicked from the get go with certain people. Maybe because we partied harder than anyone else, or maybe because we just saw life the same..who knows why the chemistry sometimes is just there, no reason needed. Well, I think it was about the 4th or 5th day on tour, our 3rd country(which shall remain anonymous, for good reason)...

Well, what had happened was, the promoter of that country straight ripped me off on my pay, and a by a lot. At the arena, I asked him to come outside and lets talk decent on the problem. He did. It was on the second level balcony or walkway around the arena.(was a huge arena)..the show hadnt started so many people were still filing in down below.(they'd be called witnesses) To make this direct to the point, he still refused to pay the total amount owed AND was being a real dick in the way he was telling me. Many of the boyz can attest to this being something we often encounter on overseas tours..back then, I was a bit wild and crazy, so I wanst havent it.(his bullshit) To be vague, things went real wrong on that balcony. And I suddenly needed to escape the country. I got a ride back to the hotel, packed my stuff and was ready to get the hell out of there.

My room was on the 4th floor. Very nice 5 star hotel too, hated not to get to stick around and party hardy there that night and DAMN there were some hott azz ladies hanging out waiting for the after show party. But this was beyond serious. I ran to the elevator ready to haul ass to the train station which was right next to the hotel. As as the bell dings and the door opens, who is there to push me back out of the elevator, telling me "MJ you cant go downstairs right now, you got to hide, the police have the hotel surrounded out front(which was the only way out)" yep, my boyz Johnny G and Rocco Rock (Public Enemy) we ran back to my room..another one of the boyz came rushing up to say they were going room to room looking for me we had to do something was Pit Bull Anthony who, also now is RIP(miss you too my brother)

So now my azz is in full blown panick..I ran over to the sliding glass doors, went out on the balcony, looked over the edge and thought to myself..oh shit, this will be one hella jump(it had to be a good 40 to 50 ft)..I looked around over at other balconies wonders if I could use them to scale down a few levels before jumping..then I heard a knock at my door, hard knock, so you know who it would be right? but Pit Bull looked through the peep hole then opened the door, which scared the mess almost into my pants, but then I heard a very familiar voice. It was my good friend Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka..he walks in with a couple sheets in his hand and hollars over to me in that Jimmy Snuka cool azz scratchy voice.."brotha, bad move brotha, that man is connected(which I'll let yall figure out what that means) but fuck em, he deserved what he got"..ok, but Im seeing Jimmy walk over towards me with the sheets and Im thinking is he gonna strangle me and hide my ass in those sheets, is he part of that connected crew in this country??..

No, without a moments hesitation, Rocco grabs the sheets off the beds in my room, and they all grabbed a sheet end and started tying them, it took me a second but then I realized what was up..we went over to the balcony, and I grabbed an end of the sheet rope they built, and the boyz lowered me to the ground with the sheets..all but the last maybe 8 feet which was no trouble to jump from, I was so relieved that just as I started to break and run, I remembered my suitcase was still up there..all the guys except Jimmy were standing there telling me to hurry go!!(as I found out later the police had just made their way to my floor and Snuka ran out in the hall way and yells at them I just took off down the emergency stairway down to the lobby..and the dumb azz police took off back to the hotel lobby..thanks Jimmy, always my brother!!

But so I holla up at the boyz on the balcony, I need my suitcase..I figured they'd lowed it down on the sheet rope too right? to the naw, Johnny grabs it and tosses it over the side and 40 feet down below to the ground, where it pops open and all my shit is strolled all over the back about killing escape time, but I did manage to scoop most of the important stuff and get ghost..(gone).. think I left my stanky underwear for them(the police) ..but, I sneak around the side and dammit theres still about 3 cops standing out front of the hotel in the way of me making it over to the train station..Im hunched down behind a big bush waiting and hoping to make an unseen break for it ..I mean the train station wasnt but 50 feet in front of me across the street..sweating it out, what do I see, Rocco Rock comes out the front hotel door and hollars at the police "they found him, it looks like it may end up in a fight in there, he's in the restaurant..and damn if the police didnt sprint off in there..just the break I needed..and I made to the train station, all thanks to my good friends Public Enemy,Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge..along with Pit Bull and Jimmy.. Gotta say, thats a memory I'll live with forever!!!! and That my friends, is how we do>> THE BOYZ!! in the world!!...oh yeah, and Ive not been back to that country since..

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