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Do i speak martian, motherfucker?..

NAH! that ain't what i'm saying!.. What i'm saying is:
You want bread and butter on the table, then you work for it.
Whining and bitching bout' work is a priviledge... and if you're broke, you don't have that priviledge.

Do you know why they can pay you less at let's say a factory?..
Because, to get a job at a factory it doesn't require any form of education or speciallities. All it requires is a steady dude, who works hard and shows up.
that means easy access, even tho' it MIGHT be a low payment fee, (varies from place to place, keep that in mind).

So is it really that shitty?
cause' i know a lot of dudes who would gladly work their asses off instead of being unemployed son.
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