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we're just going to have to agree to disagree on a couple of matters because neither of us is going to back away from our stance.
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the fact remains that RG3 is running an option read offense predicated on running the football where he's barely throwing it. those 10-20 yard throws are to wide open receivers from defenses biting on play action and focusing on the run. this will happen even more so when you have a running attack as effective as the redskins.
I just don't think it should be a knock on RG3 that his first read tends to be open, because he IS the one creating those throwing lanes. This is why that Alex Smith comparison fails. Smith is not responsible for Frank Gore's running success which leads to the PA.

RG3 also has tremendous accuracy and ball placement. There is a reason that his receivers get so much YAC.

Luck is inefficient regardless of how effective his run game is.

whether or not he would continue to be mistake free if he were running tom brady or peyton mannings offense remains to be seen and it may not ever be seen since he has the ability to run.
Griffin is a bit too careful with his passes almost to a fault. We can agree to disagree.
f the possibility of amassing 800 yards for the year rushing is what the average running attack puts up than there's a lot of teams with poor running games. the colts running attack is not even in the same stratosphere as the redskins or even the patriots who convert long first downs on the ground often. tom brady still throws it though, because thats what the offense is predicated on. luck doesnt have this luxury and he's hardly a threat to break a 30 yard run on you either. 800 yards over 16 games. thats 50 yards a game. you call that effective? you call that being anywhere close to what the redskins have?
I never once called the Colts run game on par with the Skins own. but 850 yards on 200 carries is average for a starting back, not good nor bad but average. If you want to continue to claim the Colts have no running game even though their statistically ranked in the middle of the pack then we'll have to agree to disagree.

peyton manning lead the league in turnovers his first year too. look where he's at now.
this is exactly I why stated "you seem to be making a lot of presumptions. There are also alot of QBs similar to Luck that have flamed out entirely and ended up as epic busts, too." because you keep assuming Luck will be the exception (Peyton Manning).

And Peyton Manning didnt win Rookie of the Year that season anyways.
matt ryan wasnt running an option read offense as he didnt have WR speed.
I was comparing them purely from a attempts standpoint because you claimed Griffin doesn't throw.

you'll say how do i know luck will become a more efficient passer? i dont. in the same way you dont know that RG3 would continue to be as effiecent in a throwing oriented offense. we'll get to see luck's maturation process next year. we wont for RG3 as he'll remain in the option read offense that protects him as a thrower. there's no reason to change.
RG3 does not have the build of a Cam Newton or Colin kaepernick to continue this style of play if wants to have a long career as a pro. He has to transition over time to a pocket passer and over last 7 games he's doing exactly that.

First 6 Games: 7 Passing TD's - 6 Rushing TD's
Last 7 Games: 13 Passing TD's - 0 Rushing TD's
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