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Connected by expensive dreams and inexperienced Kings
fear is a living thing, breathing and seething at carefully hidden seams
suspicious at being lifted by non-physical wings,
Babylonian regimes require we all bow to crowned criminals and their chemical decrees
cry me a river (af)forded by the Rock of Gibraltar and her Priests,
the cost never decreases, the law of Offices and the Streets
Watchmen falter in the face of becoming the Fallen or simply men of peace
when the real menace is behind the mirror's streaks
my kind has disappeared like ghosts, rolled bones rattling stones and sheets
shatter roads, knotted ropes swing heavy with bodies in the breeze
measure the topography in macrological degrees,
Chrono Trigger heat,
volcanic drifting heat distributed digitally through operational streams
raw blood feeds my consumption of beats,
knotted and blunted speech,
led by muddied feet to an unwanted destiny....
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