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i guess wee will

i watched the redskins latest game and they were doing pretty much what i said they do. read option offense. a lot of short passes, screens, pitches, reversals, play-action. griffen did have a nice 22 yard TD pass to santana moss to the corner of the end zone. basically their whole offense is predicated on the effectiveness of the run game. RG3 and alfred morris could split the ROTY award.
don't recall myself ever denying the Redskins being a run first team. I'm saying RG actually "can" and "does" throw.

As for last Sundays game, with RG surprisingly hindered with that knee I didn't see a single read-option and the pistol was used sparingly. He did convert a couple 3rd down and longs with impressive throws on the first thrive and another to Pierre Garcon on a post-corner for a long gain when the run game was completely ineffective in the first half. so again lets not act as if he can't throw.
besides reggie wayne luck has nothing. no league leading running game like the redskins(just "average"), no elite defense like the seahawks(just "average"), new coach, gutted offensive roster, and he's thrown for over 4,000 yards(something peyton manning or any other rookie has never done) and has his team in the playoffs.

its true that peyton manning wasnt up for ROTY his rookie season. i think the colts only won 5 games that year.
we have a rookie kicker, rookie RB, terrible pass blocking o-line and even worse secondary. Stars like Orakpo, Carriker, Fred Davis are out. Key players like AC, Merrieweather out and been without our #1 reciever for half the year yet Griffin has his team one game away from winning the divison. I would take what Luck has had to work with at reciever over what we've had at that position this season and I could list SEVERAL nfl records Griffin (and the depleted offense he has led) has broken this season.

both QB's have done a very impressive job carrying their teams, I think we can at least agree on that.

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