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narrate tha narrative with imperious thought shot from behind tha universal garrison, I’m glib ‘n’ garrulous / it’s hilarious, you think your clique compares to this / I lockjaw with a pitbull flow, y’all sound like terriers / barkin’ with no bite, makin’ CREAM production your whole life / I’ll take ya CREAM with a dull knife / voluptuous dime pictures on tha wall call to mind you MCs cuz you all kinda like vaginas / dine in drunk like Dionysus, regardless of tha funk I like it/ tasty, I enter, practice makin’ a baby / illicit substance intake’s raised me, now I spit flame over a breakbeat…
Errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely the typist's & not reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Typewritten work is sent snail mail to Twisted in the bing, he corrects & returns them for posting.

Listen to me spit over phone from prison, serving 12 yrs for robbery
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