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lol its also strange about how that article is all about self-realisation but it said this

Our relationship to this energy of transformation, call it Kundalini, Dionysus or the Holy Spirit is essentially the relationship we have to our own soul
Dionysius is the god of wine/intoxication so it seems as if hed be unsuitable for a method to self-realisation.

it also seems to contradict this part of the article

Metamorphosis is a process of purification, and yet it is not a simple detoxification that is occurring, but the ongoing refinement of life itself toward the incarnation of a deeper Self.
but its interesting why they use the example of dionysius and it reminds me of when i read "the birth of tragedy" a couple of years ago.

in it nietzsche shows the involvement of the dionysian spirit with the greek tragedies. he says the dionysian spirit is an intoxicating experience which makes people drop their boundaries, rules and regulations which make them individuals and they become joined up together in the "primordial one".

he gives the example of music. how when people start listening to music they lose their self awareness and all become one with the music.

indeed many things have a dionysian spirit eg drugs-when people take drugs they lose their self-awareness and their boundaries and rules which seperates eachother and start acting more similiar.

another example is alcohol. nietzsche thought buddhism was a dionystic experience because the monks all wore similiar clothes they all gave up their egos which made them individuals and all started acting similiar.

also a lot of hat ive just said seems to be reflected in this part of the article

Whether we receive this perturbation through vibration (music/drum/dance/chanting), through drugs, through stress, through romance, Guru devotion or through is a door into our own deepest source and condition of Self
what i think the article is basicly getting at is that we should give up our egos or "self"s and our individualistic boundaries and become joined together in a higher Self and that is when we truely realise who we are.

but i think theres errors in this.

1. when people lose their individualistic boundaries and join up together in a community they become more sure of that communitys beliefs and rules than in their own ones. what is more universal is more widely believed to be true.

so really joining up together in a higher "Self" isnt more realisation or more truth but its just more convincing.

2. the methods for reaching this higher self seem to be connected to methods of intoxication or group thinking which would suggest that a person is less suited to realise himself.

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