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Originally Posted by spam yam controller AKA MASTER SPLINTER View Post
TLR only read ur ego statement.. which is factually so wrong.. waste of time reading the rest of your tilted lines.

if your brain could actually compute what i state, i dont do ego.

ego is auto fail. ego divides, while im all about togetherness.

ego makes you think u know it all. it makes u beLIEve. when i go on tru fax,

so which kind of god, would be looking forward to planet x? when thats bullshit.. any basic research would show u that..which kind of god would be worrying about famine/apocalypse... are those the attributes of a god?
let alone a change in consciousness effecting people in a negative way! true god attributes.

if u spent the time checking information, then you wouldnt have even wrote that line that is in my quote

im still waiting for you to show and prove the false statements u made in KTL

come back to me when your man enough to concede, that you did nothing that you stated

enjoy your night #6

Originally Posted by spam yam controller AKA MASTER SPLINTER View Post
BTW dont hate my new gimmick. wu corp created it. if you wanna change it.. just change user name


Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
You'll cowards dont even drink cock liquor.
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